Marine Detachment USS Long Beach CGN9

This site was developed to give remembrance to the few select Marines that served in the Marine Detachment USS Long Beach CGN-9. And make available an online resource for MarDet CGN9 veterans to find those that were among the last of the tradition of Marines to serve on a U.S. Navy surface warship. Marines that served on Long Beach were among the last to fulfill the original intent of the U.S. Marines as set in its founding in 1775. That is, able men to serve on land or sea. After the decommissioning of USS Chicago CG-11 in 1980, Long Beach became known as "The Last True Cruiser" making the Marines that served on The Grey Lady the last of an almost 200 year old tradition of Marines manning the guns of a U.S. Navy warship.

Long Beach was commissioned September 09, 1961. MarDet CGN9 was disbanded September 04,1990. The ship itself was decommissioned on May 01, 1995. The last of the Marine Detachments went ashore from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73) on April 03, 1998.  It's been figured approximately 1,000 grunts berthed in the belly of "The Bitch." Although we haven't ran across any Plank Owners as yet, we do have a range of years served represented in our Facebook group. Including some of those that were among the last when disbanded.

MarDet primary duties included...
  • Ship's Security Force
  • Manning the 2 - 5"/38 caliber Mk30 guns
  • Captain's/Task Force Commander's Orderly
  • Landing/Boarding Force
  • Manning The Rails
  • Ship's Brig
  • Silent Drill Team (1979 - 1980)
The Facebook page is available to anyone who would like to stay in touch with this site. We also occupy a closed group held reserved for the salty, sea-going grunts who have stood before Long Beach's mast. For more information on the closed group refer to the Facebook page by clicking here or the Facebook pic above or where ever you see it on this site. (Always in the tabs at the top of each page as well.) Then access the "Long Description" of the page.

If you served on USS Long Beach CGN-9 be sure to check out the
USS Long Beach CGN-9 Association for reunion information and more.

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