First Women Marines

Marine legend has it that one
Lucy Brewer, disguising herself as a gung-ho motivated man was the first woman to serve as a U.S. Marine. She is said to have served in the Marine Detachment of the USS Constitution during the War of 1812. 

On August 12, 1918 the Secretary of the Navy granted authority to enroll women for clerical duty in the Marine Corps Reserve. The next day, Pvt. Opha M Johnson enlisted and is recognized as the first official Woman Marine.
(center woman in picture)

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial
The United States Marine Corps War Memorial in Washington D.C. depicts one of the most famous moments of World War II in the battle of Iwo Jima and stands symbolic of its grateful nation's honor for the Marines that have died in the defense of the United States since 1775. The figures are 32 feet high and are forever erecting a 60 foot flagpole of which an American Flag flies 24 hours a day. The figures posed are the same positions as in the famous photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal. The development of the memorial site and the cost of the statue had no public funding. The $850,000 was all donated by U.S. Marines, Marine veterans, Marine Reservists, friends of the Marine Corps and members of the Naval Service.

Marine Divisions
                 1st Marine Division                       2nd Marine Division
                     Camp Pendleton California                         Camp Lejeune North Carolina
                     3rd Marine Division                       4th Marine Division
       Camp Smedley D. Butler Okinawa, Japan                     New Orleans, Louisiana           
                   5th Marine Division                      6th Marine Division    
                                    Inactive                                                       Inactive