Sea School

Sea School 1985
MCRD San Diego, CA

The original intent of the Marine Corps at its founding was to provide the U.S. Navy with personnel trained to be "Soldiers of the Sea." Manning the guns, running the brig, Captain's orderly and the ship's landing/boarding party were the primary duties.

In our generation, Marines were selected for Sea Duty before graduating from the one month course at Infantry Training School (ITS) which initiated immediately upon completion of Boot Camp leave. Sea School training was a one month course which included physical training and classes such as learning the orientation of ships, the anatomy of ships and because of and after the 1973 USS Forrestal disaster, fire & damage control. Officers and NCO's could also request this duty. Although Sea Duty mainly consisted of infantry MOS's, Officers, SNCOs and NCOs of other MOS's could also apply.

Graduating Sea School Class
June 1985

In our time Sea Duty was considered special duty. 
Such as Barracks Duty and Embassy Duty.