Seagoing Marine Association

We band together as Seagoing Marines and shipmates to renew and preserve the bonds that grew out of 223 years of dedicated service at sea, and to preserve and remember the historical incidents, missions, and accomplishments of all those United States Marines assigned duty as part of the crew in the warships of the United States Navy during the period 1775 to 1998.

Our memorial fund will establish historical markers at various locations, assist in preserving some warships as museums and assist in many ways the preservation and promotion of Marine Corps history and tradition.

At the annual Fleet Review we will reunite with shipmates and make new friends to perpetuate the history of our glorious Corps.

The United States Seagoing Marine Association does not participate in politics nor do we wear any rank at our business meetings, or social events. We are all - "Soldiers of the Sea"

United States Seagoing Marine Association

Seagoing Marine Monument

The Soldiers Of The Sea monument honors seagoing Marines
who were detached on Naval warships from 1775 to 1998.
It stands at the Marine Corps Heritage Center in Triangle, Virginia.
N 38° 32.616 W 077° 20.466