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Hearken Lads!
Shellback Tactical is not for any of the likes of ye landlubbers, scurvy freebooters, seafarin' scallywags and barnacle bitin' bilge rats. All you slimy "WOGS" who've not appeared before the Highest Court of the Raging Main, stood before Neptunis Rex hisself, received pardon for thy trespass and had Davy Jones' own hand write that name which once was filth and slime beware. We will find you. But! Those that have been cleansed into the form of a proper and diligent Shellback... All ye Shellbacks... Horned Shellbacks, Emerald Shellbacks, Golden Shellbacks... All ye fellow sons of Neptune of the Deep... Ye are all bid welcome here!

Shellback - A Shellback is a former slimy Pollywog (Wog, sailor or Marine) that has gone through The Crossing of the Line (equator) Ceremony and purged of his ignorance and forgiven of his unsalty and boot ways. For more detail refer to Wikipedia's Line Crossing Ceremony page.

The Order of Shellback's are defined as following:

  • The Order of the Blue Nose - those that have crossed the Arctic Circle
  • The Order of the Red Nose -  those that have crossed the Antarctic Circle
  • The Imperial Order of the Golden Dragon - those that have crossed the International Date Line
  • The Golden Shellback - those that have crossed the Equator at the International Date Line
  • The Emerald (or Royal Diamond) Shellback - those that have crossed at 0° off the coast of Africa (where the Equator crosses the Prime Meridian)
  • The Sacred Order of the Golden Dragon - those that have crossed at the same time Lat. 00-000°, Long. 180.00°
  • The Order of the Ditch - those that have passed through the Panama Canal
  • The Order of the Rock - those that have transited the Strait of Gibraltar
  • The Safari To Suez - Those who have passed through the Suez Canal
  • The Order of the Sand Squid - those who have been attached to army units or stationed in the Middle East
  • The Realm of the Czars - those that have crossed into the Black Sea
  • The Order of Magellan - those that have circumnavigated the Earth
  • The Order of the Lakes - those that have sailed on all five Great Lakes
  • The Order of the Spanish Main - those that have sailed in the Caribbean
  • The Order of the Sparrow - those that sailed on all seven seas (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Antarctic Oceans)
  • The Order of the Ebony Shellback - those who have crossed the Equator on Lake Victoria
  • The Royal Order of Purple Porpoises - those that have crossed the juncition of the Equator and the International Date Line at the Sacred Hour of the Vernal Equinox

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