This space is for the recognition and remembrance
of those that served MarDet CGN9 that
 are no longer with us in this life.
May they rest in peace

If you have any information concerning the death of 
a MarDet CGN9 veteran, please let us know!
Report to the Contact Us page.

  • Franklin D. Schoppe September 30, 1969

         Cpl., Age 21, Dallas, Texas
       Cpl. Schoppe is listed on the The Virtual Wall Vietnam Veteran Memorial
         The VWVVM can be found at VirtualWall.com

  • Robert "Bob" Leonard Modjeski - August 22, 2015

 Lt. Col. retired, Age 83
 Pensacola, Florida

Lt. Col. Modjeski served 2 Marine Detachments as MarDet Commanding Officer. The USS Long Beach and USS Randolph from 1961 - 1963

  • Dale S. Danks November 19, 2003

 S/SGT. Age 39,
 Tulsa, Oklahoma

L/CPL Danks served onboard Long Beach 1984 - 1986, was an Oklahoma University graduate, Desert Storm veteran and Tulsa police officer. He is survived by his wife Teresa and children Elizabeth, Nicholas and Emily.